New Enrollment Process from a Student's Perspective

New Enrollment Process from a Student's Perspective
On March 25, 2020

This is what our new enrollment process looks like from a student’s point of view:

My name is Olivia.  I took my life off “HOLD” and decided to head in the right direction for my future.  I just enrolled in the Medical Lab Tech program.   It was so easy.  I filled out the Request for Information form on the website and in minutes Doreen called me.  Doreen, an admissions rep at the school, asked me if I wanted to chat over the phone or via video. I decided to chat via video. She sent me a link and bam, we were talking face to face on our phones.
She told me all about the program and that I can start online now.  All of the school’s programs converted to online lectures.  As soon as we get the “all clear” from the Governor to return to school, I can get back into the classroom with hands-on training.  The length of time to finish the program is the same as if I had started at the school!

Doreen emailed me the enrollment agreement and I filled it.  Then I signed it online!  Minutes later Sue, from financial aid, called me.  We discussed the various options for financial aid that will help me with my investment toward my future.

I feel like I have taken control of my life.  I wanted to share my story because I thought it could be helpful.


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