Animal Welfare Business Management – AAS

Animal Welfare Business Management – AAS

This degree completion program provides those who work in, or aspire to work in, the animal sciences field with the knowledge and skills required for the business side of animal welfare management. It is designed for those with a certificate or significant coursework already completed in an animal sciences field.

Like animals more than people?

That's okay. If you'd rather be playing catch with Fido, there are plenty of jobs calling your name. Our online Associate's Animal Welfare Business Management degree will help prepare you for them in just seven months.

Here are our top ten reasons to earn your Associate's degree in Animal Welfare Business Management:

  1. You don't need an advanced medical degree.
    When most people think of animal-related occupations, veterinarian is the only one that comes to mind. However, you don't need to become a doctor to be paid for your passion. Associate's holders can work for humane societies, pet stores, and more.
  2. Health benefits.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that spending time with animals could reduce your blood pressure, triglyceride, and loneliness.1
  3. Help rescued animals.
    As an animal shelter worker, you could help rehabilitate animals so they can join new, loving families.
  4. Connect pets with their new people.
    Consider a career in pet sales. Like animal shelter workers, you'll be able to unite animals with forever families.
  5. Work for a doggie daycare center.
    Not only will you be able to help vacationing owners make their plans and keep puppies safe, you'll be paid to play!
  6. Put your fashion prowess to good use.
    If you've ever been a stylist or cosmetologist, or you just love helping pets look their best, consider working for a pet groomer center. Your career can be a fun outlet for your creativity while ensuring animals are well-groomed and clean.
  7. Work at a zoo.
    Where else will you get the opportunity to meet polar bears, zebras, and giraffes? Having an associate's degree in this field can allow you to spend time with animals you ordinarily wouldn't see.
  8. Curb animal abuse.
    As a humane investigator or animal rescue worker, you can help detect, prevent, and end maltreatment of our four-legged friends.
  9. Choose from a variety of occupations.
    This degree can open doors to becoming an animal shelter administrator, veterinarian office manager, pet store manager, animal rescue manager/administrator, humane investigator, animal trainer, and more.
  10. The animals will thank you!
    No matter which job you accept after graduating our program, if you adore animals, every day at work can be fulfilling.


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Program length – 7 months


Online program

Curriculum covers animal welfare administration and management, personnel supervision, team building, public relations and fundraising, along with other related topics.

The program also includes courses in general education to meet the requirements of an associate degree, including critical reading and writing, oral and written communication,digital communications and psychology.

Graduates of this program could be well prepared to find entry level work in a variety of environments, including:

  • Animal shelter administrator or manager
  • Veterinarian office manager
  • Pet store manager
  • Animal rescue manager/administrator
  • Humane investigator