A passion for animals could fuel a career in the growing Animal Sciences field.

Many of us dreamt of working with animals when we were children, but for those who never outgrew it, Stautzenberger College can help you turn that passion into a career. From farms to zoos to household pets, there is no shortage of animals requiring care and the nation’s animal care and service workers are providing it. Join this growing field with career training from Stautzenberger.1

In 2015, Americans spent $60.28 billion on their pets between veterinarian visits, pampering and grooming, treats, and other services.That’s billion with a B. As a result, many people with an entrepreneurial spirit have successfully launched businesses centered around pets and pet owners.

Animal Sciences Programs
Animal Welfare Business Management – AAS
Animal Welfare Management Diploma Program
Veterinary Assistant and Grooming Diploma Program

Veterinary Technician - AAS


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