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We Proudly Present Surgical Technician Graduate Amanda Sours

Amanda Sours is not your typical beginning student.  A mother of three, she chose to return to school to make a change in her life for herself and her children.  It was important to her to be a role model to her children - showing them that even though she worked full-time, she was able to make time for things that mattered.  She also thanks her instructors Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Giovanolli for the inspiration they gave through the program and Mrs. Hermiller for building her confidence so she could finish the program strong.

We Proudly Present Cannabis Dispensary Administration Graduate Eulana Wright

“She believed she could, and she did!!”  We couldn’t be prouder of our first graduate from our new Cannabis Dispensary Administration program.  Eulana followed her passion to help people find relief from chronic pain.  She worked through Covid symptoms and never gave up - even when it was rough!  Congratulations to our pioneer graduate!!

We Proudly Present Medical Assistant Graduate Briana Hoffman

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel!” These words kept hard-working graduate Briana Hoffman going.  She was able to show her four kids that, “no matter how many obstacles are in your way, you have to keep going.”  She continued to work hard through her pregnancy and managed to come out on top!  She also thanks her instructor, Markie Lazar, for her excellent help and support in helping her finish her classes.

We Proudly Present Central Sterile Processing Technician Graduate Linea Banks

Linea Banks is not your typical beginning college student.  A mom and a grandmother, she put off her dream of working in Central Sterile Processing because of her age.  Eventually, she just decided to go for it and now has successfully completed our program.  Not only did she complete the program, but due to our excellent externship program, Linea was offered a job and able to leave the job she had previously to work in her chosen field.  We’re proud of Linea and her hard work and dedication.

We Proudly Present Business Administration Graduate Taylor Goris

“I had a great time going to school since I had the chance to go online and work as well.”  These words from Taylor Goris show just one of the positives of Stautzenberger’s online program in Business Administration.  Taylor complimented all of our faculty by saying how helpful they were in making sure she understood concepts in all of her classes.

Stautzenberger Students Give Back

At Stautzenberger, our students are committed to not only furthering their knowledge but making a real impact on their world.  At our Maumee campus, staff, students and faculty hosted and ran a drive to provide supplies for one of our excellent partners, Lucas County Canine Care & Control.  Items were collected to benefit the dogs like blankets and towels.  But they also collected peanut butter, cheese, and hot dogs, and if you are a dog-lover, you know the importance of those items - a great place to hide medication for a beloved ill pet.

We Proudly Present Associate of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography Graduate Meagan Mallory

We could not be prouder of Dean’s List graduate Meagan Mallory.  She always knew she loved ultrasound - and seeing her first son on the ultrasound simply confirmed what she knew and felt all along.  She has worked long and hard as a mother of two with a disabled Veteran husband at home.  As she says, “The work was hard, but the outcome was worth it.”

The Countdown Begins for the June 13th Start

Registration for the June 13h start is closing soon.  Our career, admission and financial aid representatives are available to assist you.  Choose from diploma and degree programs offered on campus and online. Classes are small, providing individualized instruction from our experienced, caring instructors. Whether you are preparing for your first career or feel ready for change, we are here to help you succeed.

As part of the Stautzenberger College family, you could enjoy these benefits:

We Proudly Present Addiction Counseling Technician Graduate Thomas Caplea

“It’s never too late for new beginnings.” These words led Addiction Counseling Technician Graduate Thomas Caplea to his own new beginning at Stautzenberger.  Having witnessed addiction himself, he felt led to help others grow, change and improve their lives.  Making a positive impact is always an important choice, and Stautzenberger is proud to offer classes that help make the world a better place.