What's new with the Medical Lab Technology (MLT) department

What's new with the Medical Lab Technology (MLT) department
On January 21, 2020

What's new with the Medical Lab Technology (MLT) department at Maumee Campus? We have received several generous equipment donations that will allow our students to conduct hands-on training more effectively. Donors from Cameron Hospital were kind enough to provide our program with a gel card incubator and two centrifuges. The gel cards are used to replace the manual tube testing performed in the blood bank.

Visiting Physicians gave us an electrophoresis instrument. Electrophoresis is used to separate large protein molecules by migrating them across a gel plate—based on their size and electrical charge—with a little help from an electrical current. This process can also be used to help diagnose sickle cell disease, as the hemoglobin S separates easily. Additionally, electrophoresis separates the immunoglobulins that cause some autoimmune diseases. Forensic teams utilize electrophoresis when mapping DNA patterns to rule out suspects.

Do you have an inquisitive mind that analyzes beyond the surface? If so, then earning our Medical Laboratory Technician Associate Degree might be the right choice for you! Contact us today at 888.859.8225 or submit our Request Information form to learn more. Everyone's DNA is unique, and so is your future career. 


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