We Proudly Present Patient Care Technician Graduate Chelsee Chanthakham-Fell

We Proudly Present Patient Care Technician Graduate Chelsee Chanthakham-Fell
On July 20, 2021

Do you envision yourself helping patients in a healthcare setting? Our patient care technician program prepares students like Chelsee Chanthakham-Fell for a multitude of healthcare careers such as phlebotomist, EKG technician, and nursing assistant. We are proud of Chelsee for following her passion, caring for patients in her community, and graduating from the patient care technician program

What You Learn in a Patient Care Technician Program

For each graduate of a program, we highlight three different courses. During the program, Chelsee took courses such as: Nursing Assistant Skills for the PCT, Phlebotomy, and Electrocardiography. 

In these courses, she learned about:

  • The equipment and techniques used to promote patient grooming, personal hygiene, and urinary and bowel elimination; insertion and removal of urinary catheters; the importance of patient nutrition; and ensuring patient safety and dignity
  • Methods of venipuncture collection, specimen handling and transport, and pre-analytical complications 
  • Electrocardiography, placement of leads, and ECG interpretations

Additionally, hands-on training allowed Chelsee to develop her practical skills for her future career.

How Our Graduate Became a Patient Care Technician

Like Chelsee, you too could become a patient care technician in just a matter of months and start your career journey in this interesting and necessary profession. You could find employment in a wide assortment of settings, including: hospitals, assisted living facilities, physician offices, nursing homes, and more.  Upon successful completion of the program, you will also become eligible to sit for certifications as a phlebotomist and/or EKG technician. Our staff and faculty are ready to assist you every step of the way from enrollment to networking with local employers.

Stautzenberger College's Patient Care Technician Program at a Glance

Program Length: 11 months
Learning Environment: Blended program incorporating online and on-campus elements
Lead Instructor 
Job Outlook: 17% increase in phlebotomists in the U.S. projected from 2019-20291

Find out more about our patient care technician program today. Call 888.859.8225 or submit the Request Information form on our website. Just as Chelsee began a career that she loves, we believe in your ability to reach your professional goals.

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