Instructor Highlight: Danya Linehan, DVM

Instructor Highlight: Danya Linehan, DVM
On January 27, 2021

Danya Linehan, DVM - Do you love animals enough to dedicate your entire life to them? Our animal welfare management instructor does. Danya Linehan, DVM has completely immersed herself in the animal world both personally and professionally.

Even with the passage of time, Danya's compassion toward animals has never faded. She started working at a veterinary clinic in 1983, graduated from Ohio State Veterinary School in 1993, and began teaching for American Higher Education Development Corporation schools in 2006. Danya is fortunate to have had a wide variety of experiences within the animal welfare field. She has worked in private practice, holistic medicine, wildlife rehabilitation, humane education, shelter medicine, and higher education.

Today, Danya continues to stay busy with a number of animal-related jobs. She is a part-time shelter veterinarian at the Cat Welfare Association. At Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, she helps pets at the end of life transition peacefully in their homes. Danya even operates her own small non-profit organization, Felines in Need. On top of it all, she is the lead instructor for our online animal welfare management program.

If you want instructors who truly have a heart for animals, look no further. Call 888.859.8225 or submit the Request Information form online to learn more about our program. Danya's ready to show you how to turn your love for animals into a career.

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