Top 13 Jobs that Would Transition Perfectly into Sterile Processing

Top 13 Jobs that Would Transition Perfectly into Sterile Processing
On July 26, 2016

Last month, we covered the importance of a behind-the-scenes specialist in the medical industry called a sterile processing technician. In that blog, we talked about how these professionals save lives and prevent infections and yet have no interaction with the patients at all.

In sterile processing, specialists spend their days in hospitals ensuring that patients do not contract infections, get sick or even die from dangerous microorganisms. This is accomplished by decontaminating, packaging and sterilizing surgical instruments as well as other important medical tools.

The job may sound simple, but it unquestionably calls for a specific set of skills and personality traits. Below, we listed 13 jobs that would transition perfectly into sterile processing. As a general guideline, anyone who excels in hands-on work, following instructions, memorization, repetition and finds gratification in a “before and after” difference would feel at home in sterile processing.

1. Baker- As a baker, you are already acclimated to following a recipe. It’s the same deal with sterile processing. When preparing a cart for surgery, sterile processing technicians are provided with a list of items needed and must precisely fulfill the order. Bakers also value a sterile environment.

2. Dishwasher- You’d be hard-pressed to find a position in food service that doesn’t easily lend itself to the sterile processing profession, but dishwasher is a position that more closely relates to sterile processing. The before and after results, hands-on nature of the position and the repetition are all valued skills.

3. House cleaner- As someone who already specializes in cleaning, the transition to sterile processing would be flawless… it’s a similar position but has lives depending on doing it well.

4. Food preparer/food expo- The amount of brain power it takes to remember which sauces go with which entrée would be well-served when memorizing surgical tools and their functions (here are 40 to get you started). This position also does well with following instructions and making sure the items in question stay sterile.

5. Factory worker- Someone already familiarized with the ins and outs of an assembly line would especially stand out as a sterile processing technician.

6. Fast food worker- An employee in the fast food arena requires memorization of recipes, repeating the same tasks consistently, working with their hands and fulfilling orders. These are all great components of someone looking for opportunities in the medical industry.

7. Paramedic- Memorization works in conjunction with a medical background in this field.  Paramedics must memorize a variety of medical conditions and responses in order to do their job sufficiently.

8. Sales Associate- While known for being great with people, the sales associate position is done well when the employee makes the extra effort to commit things to memory – faces, shortcuts on the register, prices and more.

9. Athletic Coach- Coaches are typically good with parents and students alike, but their job requires a great deal of memorization as far as rules and regulations. And although the before and after aspect may take longer than it would in a sterile processing position, a player’s improvement definitely falls into that category.

10. Driver- (Uber, taxi, bus, etc.) With today’s advancement in technology, Google Maps is a beautiful thing for Uber and taxi drivers. For those occurrences that technology fails us, a driver’s memorization of the streets is crucial. In addition to a driver’s capability of memorization, finding solace in something a little repetitious like driving around on the same route is helpful in sterile processing.

11. Skilled Trades- Blue collar workers looking for something indoors and less strenuous than tasks like welding or hanging drywall should consider sterile processing. These professionals already shine in three areas we have outlined: repetition, before and after, and following instructions.

12. Janitorial Work- Cleaning anything will gratify you in a better-looking result. Those in the janitorial trade know this all too well, along with repeating tasks daily and completing checklists.

13. Military- If any position listed here excels in following instructions, it’s the military. These brave men and women understand that following instructions save lives, which applies to sterile processing. Add in all of the rules, regulations and protocol military members need to memorize, and it’s a perfect transition to sterile processing.

Is your job on the list? Did we miss one? Contact the admissions office at 440-838-1999 to tell us why you think you would be a good sterile processing technician!



Kelsey Cullen

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