Paralegal Careers On The Rise

Paralegal Careers On The Rise
On July 15, 2015

A career as a paralegal has been ranked by CNN as one of the 10 best career fields to pursue a 2 year degree (Read the article here) due to it’s projected employment increase in 2016. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average wage of a Paralegal or Legal Assistant in 2013 was $51,170 per year or $24.60 per hour with a median wage of $22.87. O*NET (The Occupational Information Network) also projects a 15%-21% growth between 2012-2022!


At Stautzenberger Career College, we offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree program that prepares graduates for a career as a Paralegal. Paralegals work under the supervision of a licensed attorney, to apply knowledge of law and legal procedures. Your duties may include conducting initial client interviews and investigating the facts of the case, researching and compiling information from the law library, and analyzing executing procedures.


Stautzenberger Paralegal Program Objectives:


  • Provide practical “hands-on” experience in preparing, filing, and understanding legal documents.
  • Develop communication and collaborative skills necessary for effective interaction with other members of a legal team.
  • Provide career guidance and placement assistance of graduates after their externships at METRO Toledo offices.
  • Foster investigative and critical skills.
  • Promote ethical behavior and professionalism befitting the paralegal.
  • Provide career guidance and placement assistance of graduates.
  • Support the advancement of the paralegal profession.


Read more about Stautzenberger's Paralegal Program here!


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