Medical Lab Techs Unlock the Secrets of Our Bodies

Medical Lab Techs Unlock the Secrets of Our Bodies
On September 25, 2016

Physicians can learn a lot about our health by requesting that a medical laboratory technician take a sample of our blood and analyze it. While we’ve all had our blood drawn at one time or another (or many times), the process of analyzing the sample and understanding the results can be a bit of a mystery. Behind every blood draw is a medical laboratory technician ready to decode the secrets in our blood by providing an analysis based on physician’s orders.

Phlebotomy is the study of taking and storing blood to be analyzed, and hematology is the study of actually analysing the blood sample. Medical laboratory technicians are responsible for both of these tasks, although the job might be given to one tech from start to finish or broken up to several different techs.

While you are waiting in the exam room for your doctor to discuss your test results with you, there is an unseen team of medical techs doing the detective work behind the scenes to give him or her the information they need. Beyond blood work, medical lab techs are responsible for decoding a variety of tissue and fluid samples.

Medical techs are trained to prepare, store, and analyze specimens using advanced equipment. This makes them important team members at medical research facilities, blood and organ banks, and specialized clinics as well as hospitals and doctors’ offices. They can understand the chemical composition of your body through body fluids and tissue samples because they are trained to use sophisticated technology and equipment safely.

In addition to phlebotomy and hematology, medical lab technicians can also choose to specialize in a variety of areas of study such as microbiology, immunology, clinical chemistry, or cytotechnology. Having an education as a medical lab tech means that you are at the forefront of medical technology and play a vital role in understanding, diagnosing, and many times even treatment of health concerns.

At Stautzenberger College, students can train for this exciting career in only 18 months.  Medical Lab Technician is offered at our Maumee campus.  For more information regarding this program, visit


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