Earning My Pin in Practical Nursing

Earning My Pin in Practical Nursing
Posted by Joan
On February 21, 2020
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My name is Jada. After I enrolled in Stautzenberger College's practical nursing program, students who were ready to graduate started talking about how excited they were to get their pins. I thought to myself, pins? What are pins? As I continued through the program, however, my heart began to desire the coveted pin as well.

What is a pinning ceremony? It is a symbolic welcoming of new graduates into the nursing profession. These nurses are presented with nursing pins by the nursing school faculty. To me, it meant “I made it.”

At Stautzenberger College, students are allowed to ask an inspirational instructor to "pin" them. For me, it was my Anatomy and Physiology instructor, Kandi. Her class was one of my first. The curriculum focused on the normal structure and functions of the human body. In the beginning, I was so scared. It had been over ten years since my high school graduation. I didn't think I could get back into the swing of studying.

It was Kandi who gave me the motivation to continue. She talked to me after class and explained how many students are nervous when they start school. When the material just did not click in my head, Kandi tutored me. I won't sugar coat it; there is a lot to learn, but much of it was hands-on training, and the instructors really made the studying fun.

Today, I attended my pinning ceremony. I have never had so much pride in my life. I did it. I'm a Practical Nurse. Best of all, my children are proud of me, too.  Find out how you could earn your own pin in as little as fourteen months.