Why Become a Patient Care Technician?

Why Become a Patient Care Technician?
On September 12, 2019

Have you considered a career as an EKG technician or phlebotomist? How about a career in dialysis? Do you enjoy working with those who need special care and/or the elderly? Stautzenberger College is excited to launch our new 11-month Patient Care Technician program that could train you for a rewarding career in the booming healthcare industry.1

The Patient Care Technician program will provide students with the opportunity to study principles of nursing assisting, phlebotomy, emergency room, electrocardiography, and dialysis. You could receive the training to work in a professional healthcare setting. Even better, upon successful completion of the program, you could sit for the National Healthcare Association's Patient Care Technician exam. Graduates from this program will also be able to sit for phlebotomist and/or EKG technician certification exams. Gaining these additional certifications once you complete the program could make you more marketable as a potential employee.

Are you struggling to choose between a career as a medical assistant or patient care technician? Medical assistants usually work in physician clinics where they handle administrative and clinical tasks. During a typical workday, they: measure vital signs; help with patient exams, immunizations, phlebotomy, and injections; record patient histories; or schedule appointments. On the other hand, patient care technicians generally work in geriatrics, dialysis, or home healthcare.  You could find them in hospitals, immediate care centers, nursing homes, and hospitals providing direct patient care.

Contact us or submit our Request Information form today to enroll in this exciting new program! 

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