Why Chemical Lawn Care is Harmful to Pets

Why Chemical Lawn Care is Harmful to Pets
Posted by Joan
On September 21, 2017
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When a guest speaker arrives at our school, we consider if the public could benefit from a topic.

Mel, from Good Nature Organic Lawn Care, came to discuss the impact of lawn chemicals and how they can be harmful to pets.

The mission of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care is:  To make the world a better place, one organic landscape at a time. 

We hope you find Mel's Facebook Live Feed beneficial.

Mel noted how passion is such an important part of choosing a career.  If you have a passion for animals, you may be the ideal fit for our Veterinary Technician Program

or if you live near the Brecksville Campus, we have a variety of Animal Care Programs that may interest you.  

Watch, learn, then call us to start your career working with animals. today.