Graduate, Then Job Search...Wrong!

Graduate, Then Job Search...Wrong!
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On August 10, 2017
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Twenty-five years ago the process was: go to school, graduate, and then begin your job search.  However, today this myth will dismiss your resume from the selection process before you even get a telephone interview.

Stautzenberger College’s Career Services team advises students to begin their careers now, while pursuing their education.  Whether a student is studying animal welfare or health care, valuable experience may be gained from part-time positions while attending classes.  With the vast majority of today’s two-year college students maintaining a job, often times multiple jobs, finding a job in your career path will not only confirm your career choice but also permit students to gain valuable work experience.  This pertinent work experience is then included in a student’s resume to distinguish them from other job applicants.

When employers have the daunting task of reviewing 25, 50, 200+ resumes for a position, they look for real-life experience.  Even positions that identify themselves as “entry-level” prefer candidates that have work experience in facilities similar to their own (e.g., veterinary offices, hospitals).

Become the proactive student/employee that employers are searching for and begin your career today!

Joe Wagner
Director of Career Services
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