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Brecksville, OH

Our beautiful, 25,000-square-foot campus is located off I-77, and just minutes from the Ohio Turnpike, in the Cleveland suburb of Brecksville.

Maumee, OH

Serving students in northwest Ohio, our main campus is conveniently located near 475 and the Ohio Turnpike, just south of Toledo, OH.

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We understand traditional class schedules may not fit your schedule. Stautzenberger offers online courses to help you maintain work and family schedules.

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The Latest Headlines

  • Companion Animal Training Certificate - Stautzenberger College is now offering a Companion Animal Trainer Program at Stautzenberger College-Brecksville, Ohio Campus! The Companion Animal Training, Behavior, and Enrichment Certificate program prepares individuals to train and exercise companion animals for leisure, sport, show, and professional purposes. Companion Animal Training Topics Include: Companion animal ethology Development Nutrition Learning Theory Training Techniques and Technology Behavior Analysis Modification and Reinforcement Environmental Enrichment Behavioral Service Business Principles Professional Ethics Case Management This course serves to introduce the student to aspects of training obedient household pets, performing show animals, animal athletes, and general care-giving. In addition, this course prepares the student, upon completion, with the core knowledge and skills necessary for the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainer’s Certified Professional Dog Trainer–Knowledge Assessed Certification Examination! To learn more contact admissions at 1-800-473-2977.
  • Veterinary Technician Careers On The Rise - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Veterinary Technician Careers are projected to increase by 30% from 2012-2022! Veterinary Technicians help licensed Veterinarians perform medical tests and procedures, diagnose illnesses, and animal injuries. Vet Techs can work in labs, animal clinics, or animal hospitals! The Stautzenberger College Veterinary Technician Associate of Applied Science Degree Program is an 27 month program that helps students develop skills necessary to properly restrain animals, collect samples, administer anesthesia, radiographic procedures, IV placement, medication administration, sample collection, nursing care, and more! After successful completion of the Veterinary Technician program and the required externship, graduates will be eligible to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE), which is required to become a licensed Veterinary Technician in the state of Ohio! * Licensure from the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board (OVMLB) is needed for employment as a Registered Veterinary Technician. The Veterinary Technician Program is offered at both the Maumee and Brecksville campuses! Contact Admissions today to learn more! Maumee Campus: 888-565-0735 Brecksville Campus: 888-430-8554
  • Paralegal Careers On The Rise - A career as a paralegal has been ranked by CNN as one of the 10 best career fields to pursue a 2 year degree (Read the article here) due to it’s projected employment increase in 2016. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average wage of a Paralegal or Legal Assistant in 2013 was $51,170 per year or $24.60 per hour with a median wage of $22.87. O*NET (The Occupational Information Network) also projects a 15%-21% growth between 2012-2022! At Stautzenberger Career College, we offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree program that prepares graduates for a career as a Paralegal. Paralegals work under the supervision of a licensed attorney, to apply knowledge of law and legal procedures. Your duties may include conducting initial client interviews and investigating the facts of the case, researching and compiling information from the law library, and analyzing executing procedures. Stautzenberger Paralegal Program Objectives: Provide practical “hands-on” experience in preparing, filing, and understanding legal documents. Develop communication and collaborative skills necessary for effective interaction with other members of a legal team. Provide career guidance and placement assistance of graduates after their externships at METRO Toledo offices. Foster investigative and critical skills. Promote ethical behavior and professionalism befitting the paralegal. Provide career guidance and placement assistance of graduates. Support the advancement of the paralegal profession. Learn more about the Maumee Paralegal Program HERE and the Brecksville Paralegal Program HERE.
  • 95% Of 2014 Stautzenberger PN Grads Pass NCLEX-PN - Stautzenberger College in Maumee, Ohio achieved a 95% pass rate on the NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse Nursing Exam) to become LPNs in the state of Ohio! The pass rate represents all graduates who took the NCLEX-PN exam and passed the exam on the first attempt in 2014. Congratulations to all our graduates, and faculty, who have worked so hard to assure that our graduates have the necessary skills to succeed! Learn more about the Practical Nursing Program on our website HERE.
  • Medical Assisting Careers To Increase 29% - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Assistant Careers are projected to increase by 29% from 2012-2022! Medical Assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks in doctor’s offices and other specialty health practitioners; such as podiatrists or chiropractors. The Stautzenberger College Medical Assistant Degree Program is available as a Diploma or Associate Degree program. In the Medical Assisting program, students develop the skills necessary for scheduling, billing, taking of vital signs, medication administration, phlebotomy, assisting with minor surgical procedures, and performing laboratory tests and electrocardiograms. Stautzenberger College’s Medical Assistant School is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB). To learn more about the Stautzenberger College – Maumee Campus Medical Assistant Program visit our website HERE or call (419) 866-0261.

What Students, Graduates and Employers Are Saying

“I am so glad that I found Stautzenberger when I did; it helped me to see what it really was that I wanted in life.”

Stautzenberger, Paralegal Graduate

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