Hospitality Management Diploma Program


If you like people and love providing them with a great experience, the hospitality industry offers diverse options for qualified professionals with the right combination of skills. While customer service focus is essential, success in hospitality management also requires organizational and analytical skills to succeed. The Hospitality Management program at Stautzenberger College could help you develop the communication, decision-making, and leadership skills required to work in this exciting industry.

Program length – 10 months


Specifically designed to cover many disciplines, the required classes could help you develop leadership skills, resource and operations management, critical problem solving, and strategic planning through targeted data analysis.


Traditionally an industry focused primarily on guest services, most people entering this field would focus career aspirations on hotels and food service. However, hospitality management has evolved to now include business tourism, vacation destinations, golf and themed resorts, spas, conventions, and event planning. Positions could include reservations, human resource management, sales, event planning, and marketing.

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