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Becoming a licensed massage therapist | Stautzenberger College Massage Therapist
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On March 14, 2016
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Everyone LOVES to get massages, I mean who wouldn’t right? They feel good and are relaxing. Some believe that getting massages are just a luxury but they are actually beneficial to your health! Here are some reasons why you should look into becoming a licensed massage therapist: 

1. Excited Clients

This is probably one of the few health care visits that clients are actually excited going to. Clients come out of their appointment feeling relaxed and happy. That one hour of hands on therapy is helping the client’s aches and pains, rather than just taking a pill and hoping its better in the morning. A Massage therapist can also help their clients with educating them about certain muscle areas and techniques to work at home until their next visit.  Massage therapists actually spend more time with their clients than any other healthcare professional.

2. In And Out

Another great benefit of becoming a Massage Therapist is not spending a long period of time in school. At Stautzenberger College, students complete the Massage Therapy program in as little as 40 weeks.

3. Variety

Every day is different for a massage therapist. Some clients want a foot and hand massage for their appointment while others might want a deep tissue massage. You never know what type of client you are going to get! Some clients may become regulars that you are able to get to know and look forward to seeing them at every appointment.

4. Travel

Massage Therapists have the options of working all around the world! Cruise ships and other hotels in exotic areas need massage therapists for their spas. If you are interested in traveling, this is an option you should definitely look into! How awesome that you’ll be traveling the world while getting paid to do so?

5. Flexibility

Being a massage therapist, you have the option of a very flexible schedule. You could work part time, full time, evenings or weekends. If you are a solo practitioner you are able to be your own boss and create your own hours. Your schedule is entirely up to you!

6. Rewarding

Being a massage therapist is very rewarding. You’re not just giving your client a massage, you are helping them becoming healthier. Massage therapists encourage relaxation, relieving stress, improving flexibility and motion, and improving rehabilitation for those who could be recovering from an injury.  At Stautzenberger College, we pride ourselves on making sure that our students have the proper training so when they enter the workforce they are feeling ready and confident. If you are interested in massage therapy, come visit our campus for a tour!


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By Jordan Tomase