Instructor David Denovchek - Veterinary Technician AAS Program - Brecksville Campus

Instructor David Denovchek - Veterinary Technician AAS Program - Brecksville Campus
On July 14, 2022

Meet David Denovchek, Veterinary Technician AAS Program Program Chair for the Brecksville Campus. From a young age, David always showed a natural love for animals - always going out of his way to interact with any furry, scaly or interesting creature that crossed his path.  While marine life was especially interesting to him, he found he had an irrational aversion to open bodies of water, so he directed his love of animals to all land-bound types.

Not sure how to use this love of animals as a way to pay bills, he found excellent advice in a local veterinarian who posed the question, “Why not be a Vet Tech? Everyone always needs more Vet Techs.”  And David’s fate was sealed.  He graduated from The Vet Tech Institute in 2008 and worked for a local veterinary hospital in Hubbard, Ohio.  Always looking to add to his skill set and field new challenges, David found new roles and learned new skills in the field which eventually led him into management and training. He has joined our staff to help mold and train the next generation of Veterinary Technicians with the help of his amazing team here at Stautzenberger College, Brecksville Campus.

What you Learn in our Veterinary Technician Program

During the program to receive an Associate’s degree, you take classes that are both for a general education degree like Introduction to Psychology and Written Communication.  You also take classes to increase your specialized knowledge in Veterinary science with classes like Husbandry and Disease of Large and Small Animals, Laboratory & Exotic Animal Medicine, and Principles of Anesthesia and Surgery.  In these classes, you will learn:

  • An overview of the history and science of Psychology
  • Introduction to beginning essays and shorter written works
  • The basics of husbandry, disease and immunology in first large then small animals
  • An introduction to the laws and care governing exotic animals
  • Correct usage of pre-, intra- and post-surgical anesthesia in animals
  • Correct care and procedures for pre-, intra- and post-surgery for animals

To Become a Veterinary Technician

Our program focuses on Fear Free Education and is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).  Our graduates are prepared to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) and ready for an entry-level position in animal hospitals, shelters, and veterinary offices.

Stautzenberger’s Veterinary Technician Program at a Glance

Program Length: 24 months
Learning Environment: On Campus and Online with an externship
Job Outlook: 15% job growth from 2020-2030 with over 17,000 jobs added per year1

Find out more about our veterinary technician AAS program today. Call 888.859.8225 or submit the Request Information form on our website. We are ready to assist you with completing the enrollment process, navigating your financial aid options, finding a tutor, practicing your interviewing skills, connecting with local employers, and more. Have the courage to accomplish your academic and professional goals!

1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Veterinary Technologists and Technicians, at (visited April 19, 2022).

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