How to Balance Life and School

How to Balance Life and School
Posted by Marie
On August 12, 2019
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We are often asked for advice on how to manage life while attending school. When balancing your classes with work and family, it could help to have a support system. Graduate Davine Fears discovered just how far a little encouragement could go when she enrolled in Stautzenberger College's practical nursing program.

Ms. Fears' desire to help those around her compelled her to pursue her diploma. “I've always had a passion for caring for others, and I want to make a difference in peoples' lives,” says Ms. Fears. Considering how busy her life was, she was not sure if she could complete the program; that is, until she met the faculty. So many of the instructors inspired Ms. Fears that she could not choose a favorite. “I have three: Mrs. Bresman, Mrs. Conlan, and Mrs. Parker,” she says. “They are amazing, and I am beyond thankful for them giving back to nursing students and pushing me to go harder for what I can achieve in the nursing field.”

The guidance of her instructors and her own determination empowered Ms. Fears to tackle all obstacles during her program. “I am a single mother now. Trying to manage life, home, work, and school became a challenge, but I overcame it and ended on top thanks to my support system,” she says. In March 2019, Ms. Fears graduated with her diploma, ready to begin the career she always wanted.

Like Ms. Fears, you are part of the Stautzenberger family. We are ready to give you individualized assistance to help you succeed.

Some of the suggestions we most commonly make on how to manage life while attending school:

1. Set routines
2. Become proactive – don’t procrastinate
3. Trust your instincts rather than overthink assignments

These tips could help you improve your grades and time management skills, but if you are looking for additional help, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our Student Services staff will sit down with you to help determine what works for you.

We hope Ms. Fears' story inspired you. Whether you are interested in the practical nursing program or one of the many other programs offered at Stautzenberger College, please come in and talk to us today to find your career passion. Call 888.859.8225 or submit our Request Information form to learn more.