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Sctoday email FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This item provides information on these topics:


Stautzenberger College’s sctoday email system launched service on January 1, 2008 for the exclusive use of our students and faculty.

This document will provide answers to many questions regarding the sctoday email system.

I am a new student and my email is not functioning:

New students must logon a computer on campus at least one time before their email account will activate. Your instructor can give you the steps needed for this in class or you may visit our Resource Center, where Lori can help you logon for your first time.

Once you logon successfully to a computer on campus and have changed your password, your new password will be used to access your email as well.

If none of this is successful for you, please contact one of your instructors and they will be able to inquire about your account.

Does sctoday email eliminate spam?

No email service eliminates spam (junk email) totally; what may be considered spam by some might be considered useful information by others.

How much space do I have for my email folders?

SCtoday email has 128MB of space available for your inbox and other email folders.

What is the size limit for attachments?

The sctoday email client limits the size of outgoing messages. The total size of the message, including text and all attachments, cannot exceed 10 megabytes.

Because the sctoday email client temporarily stores outgoing messages in your Drafts folder, your disk quota must have at least two times the size of the message and attachment.

Remember also that if the recipient’s server or email client can’t accept large attachments, the message and attachment may bounce back to you.

What is the default timeout for the sctoday email client? Why is there a timeout?

The current timeout setting for the sctoday email Outlook Web Access client is 120 minutes.

The sctoday email Outlook Web Access client “times out” (logs you out) after an interval in order to provide some protection in case you leave a public terminal with an active mail session. While you are composing a long message, the server does not see your activity; inactivity with the Webmail client is measured only when you submit transactions to the server. The timeout setting will allow minimal protection for customers who forget to logout from their e-mail in a the resource center, home computer or other public terminal. If you are composing a message when a timeout occurs, check your Drafts folder when you log back in.

How long will my account remain active once I finish my program at Stautzenberger?

Student email accounts will remain active for up to two complete quarters after the student is no longer attending Stautzenberger College either due to completion of program, withdrawal, leave of absence, etc. If a student will not be attending Stautzenberger for a period longer than two quarters, it is advised that all important emails be forwarded to another email account before the account is disabled. Once disabled, all information will be deleted.

Information for setting up a mobile device or email client:

Active Sync/Exchange:
Uncheck: “Use SSL”

IMAP and POP3:
Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:
Uncheck: “Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”
Check: “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”

*Note* For POP3, it is recommended to enable: “Leave a copy of messages on the server”

This information is given to those who can properly setup their devices or email clients.
No support will be provided for any issues that may arise from a user adding their account to their device/client.
Please have an experienced person setup your email, if you are not familiar with the steps.
Stautzenberger will not be held responsible for any emails lost from setting up an account improperly.

More information on using Outlook Web Access

For more information on how to use the Sctoday email Outlook Web Access once you are logged in, please click here to view OWA User Guide.


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*Note* If you initate a password request, your password will be in the following format:

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Name: John Smith
DOB: 07/25/1983
SSN#: 321-54-1458

Password: 07sm54

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